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German shepherd Health Problems Owners Should Be Aware Of

German Shepherds are as distinctive a breed as any- you can instantly recognize these beautiful dogs. They are smart. They are adaptable. They love their owners and are fiercely loyal. German Shepherds are basically heroes in dog form. However, for all the prized traits that they possess, there are some breed-related disorders that they suffer from. And all German Shepherd owners and lovers must be aware of them.

Here is some information about few of the most common health problems to look out for in your GSD:


It is quite ironic that German Shepherds suffer from this disease, since they are often trained to be seizure detection dogs for humans. Epilepsy, even though genetic and incurable, can be managed through proper medication. Most dogs with this disease will not even experience seizures if they are kept in comfortable conditions and out of stressful situations.


Diabetes is fairly common among German Shepherds, mostly because of their large size and tendency to overeat. Dry mouth, fatigue, excessive urination and swelling in the feet are some symptoms of the disease. The condition can be easily controlled with the right diet and plenty of exercise. However, for best results, always consult your vet.


In their old age, German Shepherds become prone to cataracts. As an owner, you will able to identify this condition by the cloudy look in your dog’s eyes as well as his or her inability to navigate new, and sometimes familiar, spaces. As the disease progresses, the dog becomes blind. Surgery can help restore sight.


German Shepherds are more prone to allergies than any other breed. Allergies can be environmental, such as allergy to pollen or grass, or they can be food-based, such as allergy to chicken, milk, rice and so on. Red, irritated and itchy skin is one of the tell-tale signs of allergies. Feeding your dog a proper nutrient-rich diet and avoiding the items that he or she is allergic to can help control the condition.

The best way to ensure that your German Shepherd is not afflicted by these diseases is to know what to look out for and also to take them for regular health checkups to the vet.

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