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Tips For Grooming Your German Shepherd Dog

Updated: May 18, 2019

All dogs benefit from regular care and grooming, and your German Shepherd is no different. Without grooming, there are high chances that your dog might develop health complications. A dog that appears healthy is one that is groomed regularly. So, here are a few tips for grooming your German Shepherd:

  • Since a German Shepherd is double-coated, you should typically brush it at least 4 times a week. This will ensure that its coat is tangle free and shiny.

  • German Shepherds are usually clean and odor-free. So, they do not require frequent baths. A bath once every month or even every two months is enough, since washing your dog too frequently will strip its coat of all natural oils, which can cause skin problems in the future.

  • Because of the thick coat, it may be difficult to lather it up. You must be prepared to use quite a bit of shampoo to achieve good lather.

  • Use a hand-held shower to rinse so that you are able to rinse off the shampoo from the belly, under the legs and around the neck and tail properly. As your rinse, run your finger through the coat to ensure that there is no shampoo residue.

  • Clean your dog’s teeth regularly using a brush and dog-friendly toothpaste. Be gentle. Another way to ensure that your dog’s teeth are healthy is to feed it hard cookies or kibbles.

  • Check your dog’s toe nails once every one or two weeks. If you see that they have grown too long, trim them carefully so as to avoid cutting too deep. Use a dog nail trimmer for this purpose. In case you face any trouble while doing so, consult a dog groomer or a vet.

  • German Shepherds have deep ears. You need to check and clean them regularly, without which they will develop excess wax and debris. You can use dog-safe ear-drops and then use a cotton pad or a soft cloth to clean off the wax. Do not use water as it may accumulate in the ear canal and cause infection.

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