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4 Essential Tips for Raising German Shepherds

Updated: May 18, 2019

Vivacious, smart, and faithful, the German Shepherd is a fabulous canine breed to bring into the family. When raised and trained appropriately, they make incredible family dogs, watch guards, and long term friends. Unlike other dog breeds, they don’t require a considerable amount of time and energy to exercise, groom, and train. This is where properly training a German Shepherd is absolutely essential. All German shepherd dog owners and all those who are thinking about adopting one must be aware of a few tips that will help them get their dog in top condition.

1. Introduce your German shepherd pup to people who are going to be around it, regardless of their age. This lowers the chances of your dog taking an individual as a threat. The German shepherd dog quickly bonds with his owner, however without being introduced to other individuals, it can turn out to be shy, fearful, and introverted around strangers.

2. Since pups age quickly, they require a much more extensive diet than that of an adult dog. Keep a check on their weight cautiously and approach your vet for diet suggestions, dependent on the sex/weight of your dog. Feed your pup thrice every day. Your German shepherd’s diet should consist of:

  • 18-22% High-Quality Proteins - Feed them treats with any of these as ingredients: Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Turkey, Venison, Organ meat (liver)

  • 5-8% Healthy Fats - Feed them treats with any of these as ingredients: Fish oil, Flaxseed oil, Walnut oil, Hemp seed oil, Pork fat, Chicken/poultry fat

3. Pups can drink a lot of water and it's essential that they do so to forestall dehydration. Top off its bowl with clean water every day and leave it where it can drink it. However, German Shepherds should drink little measures of water for the duration of the day, rather than drinking a lot at once. Step by step hydrating for the duration of the day will guarantee that the dog doesn't get bloated.

4. As a herding breed, German shepherds have a solid prey drive, which is important for a great part of the work the dogs perform and which is shown in recreations; for example, hunting down and recovering items or running to fetch frisbees. They may not coexist well with cats and other family pets, except if they have been raised with them. German shepherds must not be left alone with such pets, regardless of whether they have been raised with them.

If you’re looking for German shepherd puppies for sale, check out South Florida Shepherd’s extensive collection of strong and healthy AKC puppies. We are a top show line and working line German Shepherd breeder in America since 1996 and in Germany since 1980. So get in touch with us today!

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