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Why Choosing the Right German Shepherd Breeder is Important?

Statistics reveal that there are more than 70 million dogs in the US. That includes all breeds. German Shepherd is the second most popular breed. So, if you are thinking whether it is a good decision to adopt German Shepherds, you have figures right in front that tell you why you should. Many people choose German Shepherds as their new family member. However, it is not as easy as it may initially appear. You have to first choose a German Shepherd breeder that follows ethical breeding practices and has a reputation for providing DNA tested German Shepherds with FCI or OFA certified elbows and hips. Choosing the right German Shepherd breeder will help you to adopt dogs with the right health, appearance, and temperament.

People spend a lot of time researching different breeds and matching physical and personality traits of those breeds with their own taste and lifestyle. However, they forget to focus on the breeder, which is the most important thing to ensure that they are getting the right dog for their home and people.

It is always good to know and connect with the dog you are going to bring home. But, you should also give the same time and importance to breeders. Not all breeders are the same. If you want your dog to have all the characteristics that are associated with the breed, you should only get your dog from a reputable breeder i.e. a breeder that has been doing this for a long time.

It is always a good decision to adopt a dog from a German Shepherd breeder instead of a rescue home or shelter. Breeders provide quality care. This is the reason properly bred dogs are more confident, happier, and have a balanced temperament. Breeders make sure that they are made akin to all the things and beings they are going to encounter when they go out. So, they are kept around other dogs, children, and cats so that they become familiar with them. Plus, you will not have to worry about their vaccinations as well.

Some people go to rescue homes or dog shelters to find dogs just to save a few hundred dollars. The dogs that you get at these places are not properly bred, if at all. It is not advisable to adopt dogs from these places as it is a risky affair if you bring these dogs home. You don’t know whether they are current on vaccination or not. Plus, they can be a danger for your children as well. So, you should always go to a well-known and respected German Shepherd breeder to find a dog of your choice.

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