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  • German Shepherd Breeder

Need a German Shepherd Companion? Contact the Authentic set of AKC Certified Breeders Today

Dogs are man’s best friend, and one like a German Shepherd is a bond-made-forever. German Shepherds apart from being one of the smartest breeds among the whole list, are also agile members of the canine family, which can guard and protect their owners excellently. Apart from securing your home or property, these dogs are well-behaved and also go along well with infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. Are you one of the many German shepherd fans out there, wanting and willing to purchase a puppy? If yes, meet the most authentic breeders in South Florida; South Florida Shepherds, who are making original German shepherd puppies available for sale. The authentic and original German shepherd breeders deal in only the best dogs who are health-screened, checked for elbow and knee problems, as well as the best physical features, colors because they are naturally raised in the best manner. Our German shepherd dogs are ideal for big and middle-sized households, as well as for K-9 units, where sniffer dogs, security dogs, and guard dogs are in much demand. Apart from being home-securing dogs, they are also for IPO, home protection, personal protection and other dog-infantry combo units. Why are South Florida Shepherds the most trustworthy?

  1. All dogs and breeding activities are in association with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and H.E.A.R.T association, together with improving the health, education, accountability, and responsibility standards while breeding and training a German-shepherd.

  2. The German Shepherds raised and put on sale are produced to the highest standards and breed requirements.

  3. All German Shepherd dogs are healthy and happy (without any case or scope of cruelty). They are vaccinated, de-wormed, checked for ticks and fleas, and again as mentioned AKC registered.

  4. All German Shepherd puppies for sale are raised in a very clean nursery inside our homes and are subjected to the utmost care and concerns.

  5. The German Shepherd puppies are routine of daily exercise and have plenty of room to play, have fun, and enjoy their development cycle. No puppy is kept inside a cage or in a cramped space.

  6. The German Shepherd dogs are subscribed to authentic raw meat and Royal Canine diet - something that’s fixed and as good as a staple dog diet.

  7. Finally, all dogs are raised in a way to become good family-additions as well as protect the family members and their companions.

  8. Before you can say you are satisfied, let us add to the party by giving lifetime support for all our German Shepherd puppies that went on sale. We are always in touch with the families purchasing our puppies.

Buy an original German shepherd puppy for sale today - from South Florida Shepherds!