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  • German Shepherd Breeder

Contact The German Shepherd Breeders In Miami If You Are Looking For A Great Family Companion

German Shepherd breeder in Miami

German Shepherds are known to embody the best traits of dogs and tend to exhibit an energy driven personality. They are protective of their owners and can turn up as a very good companion for families. When it comes to the Americans, they just can’t have enough of this wonderful breed of dogs. German Shepherds are the most popular dog breeds in the USA. South Florida Shepherds is a trusted German Shepherd breeder in Miami, Florida, USA. We have the healthiest AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale in FL. All our dogs are raised and screened with quality care so as to make great family companions. They are DNA tested, have strong bones, and big heads with FCI Certified hips and elbows. In addition, we import the German Shepherds straight away from East Germany and the Czech Republic and breed them only to improve their temperament, health, and other things needed to transform them into a happy and confident pet. Wondering why should you choose South Florida Shepherds over other dog breeders? Here, we have highlighted some of the reasons to buy a German Shepherd from us. Our German Shepherd puppies are:

  • Vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped

  • Given to you with their two years genetic health guarantee

  • The best qualities available as they come from the famous bloodlines

  • Registered with SV, USCA, FCI, KKS, or MET

  • Besides the AKC puppies, the parents are also registered by FCI because the puppies have only AKC.

  • Trained well to acclimate any type household

Shopping with us also enables you to have for your dog a life-time support, a vet health certificate, 30-day free pet health insurance, and a German Shepherd starter package to help you understand the breed during the initial period.

Besides AKC the parents are also registered by FCI......,. Because the puppies have only AKC.