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Imported German Shepherd puppies for sale!

South Florida's number one German Shepherd breeder just had a beautiful litter!

We still have males and females available!!!!

The mother was imported pregnant and the mating took place in the EU. She is full of personality and so easy to fall in love with. She is an energetic and drivey female, confident, playful, and very intelligent. She absolutely loves going for walks, and still dreams of catching a squirrel one day. 

She has excellent drives and desire to work, has very strong herding instincts, and is very opinionated. 

Her temperament is very even, and she gets along wonderfully with all of our dogs, due to her easygoing and happy personality. 

The stud is absolutely a beautiful, strong bone structure, masculine, huge head, stud type, excellent ball and prey drive. Absolutely clear in the head, love children and other dogs, friendly in nature, excellent pedigree ready to play and ready to please attitude. 

Great pedigree from both parents, titled parents and his grandfather is the 2xVA world-champion Remo Vom Fichtenschlag. The stud earned the titles IPO1, CACIB and SG for himself. 

Hulk has excellent hips and elbow. Absolute healthy bloodlines

World champion pedigree with many show titles from both parents!! These puppies are ready for their new homes on May 24th, 2017.

Call or text us today (305) 904-9796

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