If placing a non refundable deposit on our upcoming German Shepherd litters, puppies are picked in the order deposits are received, and you are notified where you are on the list at this point. If the puppy of your choice is not conceived/available/pseudopregnancy then you will have a choice to move your deposit to the next litter of your choice or from a current litter.


N-Litter 2019

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The dam is a medium size and powerfully built black & red imported female with a beautiful full coat. She has a highly intelligent expression.  Correct structure, great bone strength and fantastic muscle tone.  Self-confident with nerves of steel. Highly trainable, dependable and  very willing to respond to anything asked of her. Achieved all of performance awards possible at just two years old. Naturally social and sure in every situation, perfectly behaved around other dogs and great with small children. The stud is over sized, 125 lbs, deep rich colors, extremly strong and solid, very good building conditions, great expression, well pigmented, amazing imprint. High, long withers, almost straight firm back, very good length and position of the croup, correct angles of the fore and hind limbs, balanced chest ratios, straight front. Front and rear straight, very powerful, very space-gripping gears with very effective supply and free advance with very good sublime. Safe being, Certified hips and elbows. Titles, IPO1, BH, SG, KKL1, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, TKI, DNA tested clear. In training as seizure alert dog!

Great pedigree from both parents!! 




Puppies are ready to take home, end off 2019.

What does it mean to have a 1st pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick and so on?

A "pick" means, choosing a puppy. The picks will be made in the order of the deposits came in. Here an example:

Mr. Tom made a deposit for a male puppy on 01/01/15.

Mr. Albert made a deposit for a male puppy on 01/02/15.

Mr. Michael made a deposit for a male puppy on 01/03/15.

Tom will have the 1st pick male, because his deposit came in first. Albert will have the 2nd pick and Michael the 3rd pick. 

Let's say the litter has 5 male puppies available. First Tom (1st pick) will visit his German Shepherd Breeder, chooses his puppy out of the 5 available puppies. After Tom, then Albert (2nd pick) will visit his German Shepherd Breeder, to choose his puppy out of the 4 available puppies. Then Michael (3rd pick) will visit his German Shepherd Breeder to choose his puppy out of the available 3 puppies. In other words, first comes first serves.

Note: everyone will be treated equally, fairly and honestly. No preferential treatments will be given for any reasons. 

Another Note: we are dealing here with nature and living creatures. Things could happen. If unexpectedly not enough males/females are being born in the litter of your choice, your deposit will be transferred to a litter of your choice. 

Can I come and choose my puppy in person?

Yes, of course you can come and pick your puppy in person. If you live too far away, don't worry, we can forward you beautiful pictures and videos from all the available German Shepherd puppies for sale.


When can I come by to make my pick?

The picks are going to be made, after the puppies have their second sets of vaccinations. By then you will get a good idea on, how the personality and conformation of each puppy might be.

Can I come by, before I make a deposit on a puppy?

Yes. You have a chance to come and visit the puppies before making a deposit, after all the picks are being made from our customers, whom already placed their deposit ahead of time. BUT most of the time by then all puppies will be reserved. NOTE: A Meet&Greet booking is necessary to meet our puppies!

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