We are having top quality working and show line German Shepherd puppies for sale! All Puppies are sold on strictly first come first serve basis.  There is no other Preference. This means: The German Shepherd puppy is for sale until the deposit arrives, no exeptions. In cases of multiple deposits, the first one that arrives gets the puppy.  If your deposit is not the first one then your funds may be credited to a different dog or puppy. We are a trusted German Shepherd breeder and keep exact records of the dates and times when all deposits are received. A good reputable German Shepherd breeder will have confidence in their puppies and their breeding program. They would be proud to list the price for their piece of mind and for your convenience. There is no need to mis-lead or divert anyone, simply list the price. Please click on the picture of the puppy to see it's price.

For more information and pictures of the parents of these German Shepherd puppies for sale, please contact us.

All our German Shepherd puppies for sale are


- microchipped

- dewormed

- puppy welcome package

- vet health certificate

- AKC registration

- genetic health guarantee from the German Shepherd            breeder South Florida German Shepherds LLC



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Our short hair show line German Shepherd puppies for sale start at $2,400, depending on the quality of their pedigree. The better the pedigree, the higher the quality, the higher the price.

South Florida German Shepherds can assure, that our German Shepherd puppies are healthy, confident, self-assured with all required puppy vaccinations administered, dewormed and microchipped. Upon pick up or delivery a full health certificate by a licensed Florida Veterinary is provided to ensure your puppy is in perfect health! 

We can ship our Working and Show Line German Shepherd puppies to almost any airport within the USA and Canada. We offer financing on our Show Line German Shepherd puppies for sale!

We offer world wide shipping through a Nanny Service as well.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

M-Litter 2019

Reserve your puppy today and place a 

non-refundable deposit of $450 by

Venmo, Square Cash, Western Union, Paypal or Zelle:

The dam is a 3 year old gorgeous red and black female.  She has gorgeous  pigmentation, her shoulder is 59 cm high, very good structure, great temperament and outstanding character.  She is very sweet, gentle and fabulous with youg children and other dogs. Manta enjoys the AC inside the house, watches TV, while the other dogs are playing outside in the Florida sun. She comes from a long line of champions. Absolutely a beautiful young stud, strong bone structure, masculine, huge head, stud type, excellent ball and prey drive. Absolutely clear in the head, love children and other dogs, friendly in nature, excellent pedigree ready to play and ready to please attitude. Great pedigree from both parents, titled parents and his grandfather is the 2xVA world-champion Remo Vom Fichtenschlag. He earned the titles IPO1, CACIB, CGC and SG for himself. Hulk has excellent hips and elbow. Absolute healthy bloodlines. 

Great pedigree from both parents!! 





Puppies from this litter are $2,800

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